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Wiper blades should be heavy duty and able to withstand the snow,

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sleet, sand and salt of winter driving.

pictureKevin A. Rodriguez
  Bought these for my grandsons for Christmas. They are huge Dallas Cowboys fans and just love them. Best gift of the night.

pictureAyaka Komori
  My husband is diabetic and has loss quite a bit of muscle (especially in his thighs and legs, so his relaxed shorts (for sleeping and relaxing) were much tooooooo big. Ordered size 1X and they fit him just fine, (he went from a 2X to 1X) I believe a size XL would be even a better fit, but he likes a little room in his "relax, wearing around the house shorts". They fit fine in the waist and that’s where it counts the most. Matter-of-fact I have ordered another pair in a different color as one of his gifts.

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